The Child Anxiety Center (CAC) is staffed with team of experts psychology, psychiatry, outcomes monitoring, and technology. And yes, we value the individual expertise of each team member, but the approach at CAC is not about the individual. It is about what happens when a team works together to ensure that each child gets wraparound services and has access to the full combined expertise of the staff. Your child will be assigned to a treatment team which will be picked based on your child's individual needs and the strengths of the clinician. From there all staff at CAC will be informed on the case and be able to provide regular feedback to your clinician based on your child's progress and needs. 

Our team-based approach gives us the flexibility to offer your child the highest quality of care. The days of moving around from one specialist to the next are over. You can come to Child Anxiety Center and know that your child's mental health needs will be met in full. It also allows us to treat the most complicated cases with an intensive, multi-modal approach that works rapidly to restore good mental health. Even in the most severe cases, we can help to avoid inpatient hospitalization by mobilizing quickly to provide intensive, customized treatment wherever it may be needed.

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